04 Aug

Digital printing is a modern technology of printing that uses a digital image to make a print on a material. This include cloth materials for instance when making T-shirts, or paper materials usually for promotional purposes.

Depending on the size of the print that you intend to make, it’s possible to use a desktop printer for the minor jobs to printing using large printers which are inkjet or LaserJet printers.

The initial cost of digital printing is higher than that of the tradition. However, since the prints are usually made in bulk, and at the same time the original plate is stored for any future use, the cost of labor drastically reduces.

During the process of digital printing, there is a difference that exists in comparison to the traditional way of printing. For one, replacing of printing place is no longer done while in traditional printing each design had to be replaced with a new plate.

This is a major milestone considering that the current day operations require a faster turnaround time.

Due to the increased demand for prints by use of printing technology. One of the highly recommended ways is by use of the electro photo graphic or laser printer which uses a dry toner which supports faster and ready for use materials.

They are used not only in the offices for commercial purposes but also at homes for family wear without placing a contract which may be expensive than when done at home.

Other items that use the technology include printing business cards, wedding invitation cards, and banners for advertisements because of the recommendable printing quality.

Where Digital Printing is applicable most.

When Advertising.

When a company wants to advertise, digital printing is used in case of designing banners and depending on the size which enables the retailers to have campaigns which are easy to relate with.

Desktop publishing.

In the modern day printing, it’s easy to work on the prints from the comfort of your home. One of the things that make it possible is the elimination of the printing plates.

Demand prints.

If for instance, one would want to have personalized information, say on publishing a specific book, such as teenage motivation, digital printing is applicable and will produce the required prints as per the modifications.


Digital printing has evolved in such a way that one can modify features of the image to look different from the original photo which may have undesirable features. For instance, changing the color to look more elegant depending on what one wishes.

When working on Variable data printing.

Whenever there is an order of personalized materials that need to be printed in large volumes, for instance, political campaign materials, and the use of print files that are data based works perfect and will produce quality with time factor in place.


The most popular printing technology is the laser printing and Inkjet printing, and they are the best-recommended prints which from the time digital printing started, they have been producing recommendable output and as such, before settling for any technology, think about these two.

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