12 May

Small businesses have always been the main drivers of any economy. They have the potential to expand and become a chain across any country they are established. This is definitely so for persons who venture into the DTG-Direct to Garment printing business. Because the technology is fairly new, many persons are skeptical, but with anything new, that is expected.

T-shirt printing has always been done by screen printing and there were limitations. They could not afford to do custom pieces or even one shirt as a customer may want; with the DTG printer, this is possible.

Making a Profit in Relation to Screen Printing

With a DTG printer, you have the luxury of loading one design into the system, and only printing one T-shirt for your customer. The advantages of creating any design you want, and having really vivid prints with colors that are new to the technology, are basically what comes with the business. Per shirt, the cost to print far outweighs doing it on a screen, as you are able to do many more at a cheaper rate. This means your expenditure for ink, pretreatment solution, and production time is less. Equipment cost is also relative because with the volume you will be pushing through, your payment for the DTG printer will be covered in a short time. This is where expansion happens.

Working in an Environmentally Friendly Atmosphere

Screen printing has always been an issue especially for persons who suffer from respiratory issues. The ink odors, the need for proper ventilation especially if you are working in a confined space, having to use chemicals for cleaning screens as well as storage for them. With the DTG printing system, you will need ventilation, but it is for using the pretreatment solution, as it is a sprayed on process. Ink is packaged in cans and when put in the printer there are no environmental issues with high odors. Really, the inks and pretreatment solutions are manufactured with OEKO-TEX 100% certified components, so anyone with respiratory issues is confident when at work.

Customers are confident they are being handed safe prints that will not be hazardous to them. Unlike the inks that were used in screen printing in the past which contain harmful chemicals. Children are safer wearing a DTG printed Tee at any time.


Because we are living in a fast-paced world, persons want things now and are expecting turnover time to be less and less. Production in any sector has been enhanced because of so many improvements in technology. There is so much more to be learned of the DTG printing industry, and I am sure there will be many changes along the way. We just need to remain focus and ensure we learn as systems change. For sure, these changes will benefit us both financially as well as enhance customer service and product quality. This does not mean screen printing does not have its place in the industry, it still does. Incorporating both technologies within your business will enhance your capabilities for guaranteeing customer service and success.

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